Amy Tario Ray, Writer  

Reading Group Guide


  1. The move made by BK's family from the city to an upscale oceanside community had a big impact on their future. If you've ever moved to a new place, did it change your life? If so, was it better after the move? Or worse? Why?
  2. Most characters in Dangerous Denial have parts of their lives they'd prefer to keep hidden. Does the saying "the truth will set you free" apply to BK? Trevor? Stanley? Lenny?
  3. BK is affected adversely by the criticism of her weight as a child. Do you think today's society is becoming more accepting of differences in body types? Do you feel that the comments by BK's mother and sister were verbally abusive? Why or why not? How would you feel if someone said those things to you?
  4. When he was young, Trevor lost the two most important women in his life. How would you expect this would affect him as an adult? If you have experienced loss/grief, has it impacted the direction your life has taken?
  5. BK benefitted greatly from therapy. Do you think Lenny could have been helped by going to therapy? Do you think there are people so inherently evil that they cannot, or will not, change?
  6. BK and Shelby have a friendship stronger than most familial ties. In their darkest moments, they can depend on each other. Is there anyone in your life you can trust one hundred percent, someone who will always have your back? Who?
  7. If you could talk to Gail while she was in high school, what advice would you give her? What advice would you give BK? Are there any similarities between the two women?
  8. In what ways did Jeanne's obsession with appearances impact her daughters' lives? Did Jeanne's social climbing bring her the happiness she sought? Why or why not?
  9. As you found out more about Stanley and the journey he was on in his life, did your views about him change? What does his and Jeanne's relationship reveal about their characters?
  10. Madame Zona, the psychic hired for the charity ball, gave some accurate predictions. Do you believe it's possible to know what will happen in the future or do you believe we control our own destinies? If you've had a psychic reading, was it accurate? How do you think the psychic knew that information?